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Efficient, affordable, and simplified digital wholesale auctions for dealer-to-dealer sales.
Explore how to offload your wholesale supply, with OnlineKars.

Digital Auction Platform

OnlineKars provides a needed bridge to the future of a complete online purchase experience
Dealer-Controlled, Cloud-Stored

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Sell Aging Inventory

OnlineKars knows how important it is to not lose money on aging inventory. We provide an effective method for the auto dealer to retail the vehicle - providing one last opportunity to sell an aging vehicle at a profit. The auto dealer avoids the cost of transport to auction, or time spent preparing the car for wholesalers.

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Engage More People & Generate Leads

Consumers flock to the Web to investigate auto purchases; standing out from the crowd is important. OnlineKars allows the auto dealer to capture all registered potential buyers' information and that valuable lead direct loads into your CRM for ongoing engagement.

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Use Our Platform

You sign up. We get an inventory feed from your Inventory Management System. You decide how often you'd like to run an auction; you pick out the vehicles you want to sell; you determine your pricing. We get you up and running.

The Digital Transformation in Consumer Vehicle Purchasing

More dealerships are evolving new business models and approaches to compete with the Carvanas of the world who are successfully streamlining the buying process.

Why OnlineKars?

  • Avoid Margin Compression - keep the car on the lot for retail sales while implementing self-managed digital auctions
  • Get Around Physical Auction Schedules - no transporting vehicles, no waiting for a third-party to set it up
  • Cut Through Wholesale Losses - you choose the vehicles to auction and you choose an aggressive price point for one more chance at retailing your inventory to a customer at a profitable price online
  • You Decide Time & Length - you drive online traffic straight to your event for maximized audience growth
  • You Control ALL Leads - bypass 3rd party lead generation by controlling and owning all bidders who have expressed interest in a vehicle through the auction
  • Streamlined Integrations - simplify your operations with integrations for your CRM and your inventory management database
  • Capitalize on In-Person Deals - Winners go to your dealership to claim their vehicle and complete the deal, enhancing profit opportunities

Soon dealerships all over the country will enjoy the simplicity and peace of mind we bring to handling aging inventory

How It Works

Select Your
Auction Vehicles


Decide Time
and Length


Pick Start and
Reserve Price


Win Win Situation for Both Dealer & Consumer

OnlineKars is unique, dealer-controlled software that can run directly on your website, or marketed and run as a 'stand alone' event. It fits in with today's digital 'get it now' world. Your prospects and customers are spending a lot of time online - now you can meet their needs in a special way.

Our Mission

is to continue to develop digital lead generating events to increase consumer traffic to dealerships and serve Automobile Dealers in North America.

Our Goal

is to provide Automotive Dealers a unique way to run exciting digital events that reduce inventory depreciation losses and lost revenue, and generate new leads, while selling vehicles to maximize profits.

Our Vision

is to build a business that will be valuable first to our clients, so they continue to partner with us; this leads to value creation for our associates and others who do business with us.

OnlineKars is built for dealers, by dealers!

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