Your Own Digital Wholesale Auctions

Dealer to Dealer Sales; Made Easy

We can all agree that market conditions have changed and this new reality is one we cannot ignore. Auctions are backed up, so we’re introducing something different — our light-weight, inexpensive online platform for automating your wholesale auction bidding and payment process (a solution to your pains, right now).

In the past, wholesale automotive auctions have been the way to get aging units off the lot, leaving you to bear the cost of transport and wholesale losses. We can equip you to take this into your own hands — from a manual headache to an automated turnkey experience.

From the bidding, notifications, billing, invoicing, titling, and reporting; we deliver an online environment that:

  • Enhances and broadens the appeal of your wholesale auctions
  • Increases interest and competition from existing wholesalers
  • Accelerates sales velocity
  • Drives wholesale revenues and inventory turns

How It Works

With OnlineKars, as soon as you sign up with us you’ll have full control over all aspects of running your own digital wholesale auctions — it’s easy:

  1. Have the initial conversation with us so we can get you up and running
  2. Select your auction vehicles straight from your Inventory Management System
  3. Pick a start and an aggressive price per vehicle
  4. Decide the time and length of the auction
  5. Notify the winning bidder and get the vehicle ready for pick up

Our Mission

We believe our purpose is mission-critical to the survival of the auto industry. We’re confident that we are the team who can see you through this tough time. Let us explain how our technology works — reach out and we’ll give you a call right away to show you a demo.